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The Coordination Committee has been established to advise and assist to the coordinator to carry out the following tasks in accordance with the requirements of the Law No. 49/1997 issued by the Ministry of Transport of  the Czech Republic. It´s existence covers:

  • to examination of the possibilities to increase the currently determined capacity of the airport,
  • determination of the ways of achieving a better utilisation of the capacity available,
  • monitoring of the use of the slots allocated.

The members of the Coordination Committee of the Prague  Airport:

  • Airline Operators Committee (AOC)
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Prague Airport
  • Menzies Aviation Group
  • Czech Airlines
  • Travel Service
  • ABS Jets
  • Silver Air

Rules of Procedure of Prague Ruzyne’s Airport Coordination Committee

Minutes - Coordination Committee 04MAY2018

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Statistics & Reports

Summer Season
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Winter Season
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Slot Coordination Prague has been established on the 1st January 2003
as the Professional Association of Legal Entities including the following companies

From 1st January 2009 has been renamed to Slot Coordination Czech Republic

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