Effective 1 January 2018

Based on the approval of the Ministry of Transport-Civil Aviation Department and Civil Aviation Authority, the Slot Coordination Czech Republic is authorized to charge the Slot Coordination Fee.

The financing of the Slot Coordination Czech Republic will be provided through the costs shared between Prague Airport Operator and the Slot Coordination Fees collected from the aircraft operators.

The fee was set up at 20CZK per turnaround (10CZK per single slot) for the period from 1.1.2018 until 31.12.2018.

The Slot Coordination Fee is published in the AIP Czech Republic part GEN 4 and will be collected by the Prague Airport Operator from the aircraft operators together with airport charges.

Flights of the following aircraft are not subject to the charges (see AIP GEN

  • aircraft returning due to weather, mechanical or radio failure to the aerodrome of departure and aircraft which have executed a forced or emergency landing
  • flights performed exclusively for the transport of Royalty, Heads of State and Government, Ministers on official missions
  • search and rescue flights authorised by a competent RCC body
  • aircraft carrying out flights of air rescue services including secondary and repatriation flights and flights directly connected with human life rescue
  • flights of the Civil Aviation Authority
  • flights carried out solely for the purpose of checking or verifying equipment used or intended for use as ground navigation aid, except flights for the purpose of relocating aircraft carrying out such an activity

Important note:
The aircraft noise certificate shall be delivered before flight execution.